Fee Schedule

***Please call the center to discuss self-pay pricing as we offer substantial discounts for self-pay patients.

***For all insurance companies that we are contracted with, we accept their contracted rate of pay and you will not be balance billed for any amounts over the contracted rate.

G0105 (High Risk Colon Screening) (Medicare only) $3473.00
G0121 (Colon Screening) (Medicare only) $3473.00
45378 (Screening and Diagnostic Colon) $3473.00
45380 (Colon with Biopsy) $4538.00
45385 (Colon with snare polyp removal) $4538.00
45390 (Colon with polyp removal mucosal resection) $9935.00
45330 (Flexible Sigmoidoscopy) $1405.00
43450 (Stretching of the Esophagus) $3543.00
43235 (EGD) $3543.00
43239 (EGD with Biopsy) $3543.00