Before Your Procedure

At Bradenton Surgery Center we know the importance of keeping you informed on what to expect leading up to your procedure. Below you will find some general details you should know before coming in.

• A nurse from Bradenton Surgery Center will call up to a week before your procedure to go over health history and instructions.

• A member of our office team will call up to a week prior to your procedure to notify you of any copay/coinsurance/deductible due the day you arrive for your procedure.

• Please be sure to inform your physician/pre-op nurse/CRNA if you are taking any blood thinners or aspirin.

• Please follow your preparation instructions accordingly under the Prep Tab on this website.

• DO NOT smoke the evening before or the day of your procedure.

• DO NOT consume any alcohol at least 24 hours before your procedure.

• Heart/BP/Seizure medications should be taken the morning of the procedure with a sip of water.

• Inhalers or Nebulizers should be used the morning of the procedure and also bring rescue inhalers to the Surgery Center.

• If you have had any cardiac testing in the last 30 days or upcoming cardiac testing scheduled, please notify the nursing staff in advance.

• You will receive a text seven days prior to your procedure with the date and time of your appointment.  You will receive an additional text with an appointment reminder two days before your procedure.  This is typically over an hour before your procedure time.

If you experience any change in your physical condition before your procedure such as difficulty breathing, flu like symptoms, or cold symptoms, please notify your physician as it may result in cancellation of your procedure.