Day Of Procedure

Day of Procedure

Items to bring with you:

• A list of all medications, prescription and over the counter, that you are taking.

• Your driver’s license and insurance card.

• Method of payment for patient responsibility.

• Loose, comfortable, and warm clothing. You will change into a gown before your procedure. Please bring a pair of socks with you.

• Your driver: following procedures involving anesthesia you will need to have a driver to bring you home.

Items to leave at home:

• Your purse and any valuables, such as watches and jewelry.

• Makeup and perfume; please refrain from wearing any makeup and/or perfume/cologne to your procedure.

• Contact lenses: please do not wear contact lenses to your procedure, glasses are permitted.

Provider Disclosure:

The following providers render services at Bradenton Surgery Center as part of your care and will bill separately for any provided services:

FDHS Anesthesia LLC 941-304-0157
Florida Digestive Health Pathology 941-757-4800
Quest Diagnostics Lab 800-779-8857
CDX Diagnostics 800-352-8619
Gastroenterology Associates of Manatee 941-794-1980

Please arrive on time; patients are asked to arrive 1 hour before their scheduled procedure time.

Upon arrival you will check in with registration. They will collect your ID, insurance information, and any patient responsibility due, verify that you have a responsible adult to bring you home following the procedure, and obtain emergency contact information.